Chinese censorship rubs off on Danish internal policy

In conjunction with the recent business trip to Denmark by Chinese party leader Hu Jintao, peaceful activists in favor of a free Tibet, had their freedom of speech violated by Danish police. Apparently the national flag of Tibet is banned in China; a ban which the Danish police enforced in Denmark by blocking the view to the protest for Hu Jintao as he drove by with police escort on his way to a Danish royal gala party. Moreover, an activist had a Tibetan flag removed by Danish police, when she unfolded it by a quay which Hu Jintao cruised by on a Danish royal ship. The day before Greek and Danish activists were harassed and forced to register by Danish police in front of the Greek embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they protested in connection with today’s elections in Greece. On June 5, 2012, protesters had their banners removed by Danish police while Danish Prime Minister, Helle Smidt, praised the Danish constitution in a speech she held downtown Copenhagen. The pattern is evitable: constitutional rights such as freedom of speech, assembly and movement are being grossly violated in favor of capital interests.

They call capitalism democracy when it booms and fascism when it slumps.


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